Under Pressure


I rang in the New Year at an Under Pressure costume party. Guests dressed as their favourite iteration of Freddie Mercury or David Bowie. It was a great time with excellent music and much conviviality and mirth was enjoyed by all.

Beyond being a killer theme for a fancy dress party, “Under Pressure” is a little on-the-nose for how it feels to take stock of a year gone by and look toward the expectations of the new one. There were plenty of times in 2014 where I felt like one of those screaming ladies from the video above. I’ve felt a lot of pressure this year, but in contrast to 2013, most of the pressure was internal rather than external. It’s amazing how we can create spaces to fill up with stress, anxiety, comparison, and discontent. The world throws its share at you, but 2014 taught me how often I’m the author of my own worst criticism.

Freddie and David dare us to change our way of caring about ourselves. For 2015 I want to take that dare (because Freddie and David are always right) and give love one more chance.  My resolution is to be kinder to other people, and to give myself that courtesy, too. Another year. One more chance.